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Home Inspector Tom McCabe

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Tom McCabe is the owner and home inspector of Solidium Inspections. He firmly believes in spending time with each client, so you’ll never feel rushed. Every client is encouraged to attend the inspection. While the inspection report will be detailed, there is no substitute for being on-site to ask the questions and raise your concerns. Tom will educate you about the pros and cons of your future home, business site, or investment property.

Regardless of what you’re buying and why, Tom knows that you’re making a big financial investment. That’s why he always takes a detail-oriented approach to help ensure you know exactly what you’re purchasing.

Home Inspector Credentials

Tom has always served his community, first as a U.S. Marine and then with the FBI. Previously, in his spare time, he would invest in real estate, rehab the properties and turn them into rentals. Now, he enjoys putting that experience to work for others. All of the critical thinking, detail-intensive skills he learned in his previous careers are put to good use as he inspects Houston Area homes and light commercial buildings.
  • Texas Home Inspector License #24101
  • Certified Mold Inspector TDLR #MAT 1312
  • InterNACHI Certified Professional Inspector #NACHI19091209
  • Follows TX TREC Standards of Practice
  • Real estate investor with rehab and remodelling experience
HomeGauge Extra Care

USMC Veteran

Tom spent five years serving the nation as an Infantry Officer in the U.S. Marine Corps. In this role, he was responsible for leading infantry Marines in a variety of environments.

Every mission was different and required the ability to gather as much information as possible and make timely decisions based on these observations during dynamic situations. These skills helped prepare him for a career in the FBI, and they now assist him as a home inspector. After all, every home is different, and it’s critical to be able to spot problems and accurately gather information about them.

FBI Background

When Tom’s Marine Corp service ended, he went to work with the FBI’s Counterterrorism division. He spent 20+ years keeping the U.S. safe. Tom thrived in this detail-oriented environment.

He also gained excellent communication skills and a scrupulous work ethic. Honesty was at the core of his career, and he’s proud to offer this to his home inspection clients. Being a home inspector gives him the opportunity to put all his skills to work in a position that he truly enjoys.

Why Home Inspections?

While not a full time career, Tom has always been involved in real estate purchases, buying his first house at 23 years old. Based on his initial career choices, he has moved around the country over a dozen times and each time purchased real estate.
Additionally, as a real estate investor himself, he understands what is is like purchasing a new property, either for yourself or as an investment. Improving these properties through small cosmetic updates, to full gut and rebuilds, he developed the experience in doing things the right way.

Acting as his own inspector on many of these purchases, he developed the skills to transition into becoming a professional home inspector. Home Property inspection appealed to him for many reasons, so after leaving his other careers, he gained the formal training to continue doing what he enjoyed and where he can teach buyers, investors, and homeowners about their properties.

Behind the Scenes with Tom

When he’s not helping people in the Greater Houston Area buy homes and commercial properties, Tom enjoys spending time with his family. He’s also often found working on home projects, reading, and exercising.