If you’re putting your home on the market, your real estate agent will likely suggest that you take steps to boost curb appeal. Improving the exterior of the home will help you attract buyers and secure your asking price. Here are a few tips to make the outside of your home more welcoming to visitors.

Clean the Windows to Boost Curb Appeal

Dirty or dusty windows don’t reflect as much light as clean glass. Wash the windows, inside and out, before putting your house on the market. Sparkling glass makes the property feel more welcoming and bright.

Add Mulch to the Flower Beds

Purchase a few bags of mulch to spread under the shrubs and in the flower beds. No matter the season, fresh mulch will brighten planting areas and make the landscape look well-kept.

Boost Curb Appeal with New House Numbers

House numbers are an inexpensive purchase that adds personality to your home. Bold numbers make a statement and help potential buyers verify they are visiting the correct property. Install new, modern house numbers for a quick and easy update.

Tidy the Front Porch

The front entryway is often the first thing a buyer will notice when they arrive for a tour. Sweep the porch, remove cobwebs, and add a new doormat. If you have furniture on your porch, clean it and add new cushions and an outdoor rug. Wash the lighting fixtures and make sure the outdoor bulbs are working.

Pressure-Wash the Siding

Hiring a company to pressure-wash your home is affordable and worth the cost. Clean siding will look bright and like new. You can rent a machine and clean the house yourself, however, a professional can make quick work of the job and has the experience and the equipment to do it safely.

Trim Tree Branches

To help improve curb appeal, prune tree branches that overhang the house and trim back shrubbery that touches the siding. A neat and tidy landscape tells the buyer that the home and property have been well-maintained

Plant Flowers to Boost Curb Appeal

Add brightly colored blooms to the flower beds. Place matching planters with colorful flowers on either side of the entrance to your home. If you have a front porch, install hanging baskets of greenery to add life to the space.

Install Exterior Lighting

Because you never know when a potential buyer might drive by your property, make sure that it’s well-lit at night. Install solar-powered stake lights along your walkway and check that floodlights and outdoor light bulbs are working properly. Add string lights to the deck or patio to better illuminate the space.

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