Whether remodeling your bathroom or constructing an addition to your house, it’s important to order a home inspection before remodeling. When you schedule an inspection before starting your remodeling project, the results can help the process go more smoothly. You’ll learn the condition of existing building materials, whether the current systems can handle the renovation, and if there are any repairs that should be made first. Here are some reasons to have a home inspection before remodeling.

Learn the Condition of Building Materials From a Home Inspection Before Remodeling

If you want to finish out your attic but your roof is failing, you should focus on getting the roof replaced first. A home inspection will give you details like this so you don’t put all your money into a remodeling project while ignoring a serious problem.

While it is more rewarding to plan home projects to improve the space rather than make repairs, putting off serious issues will end up costing you more in the long run. With a home inspection, you’ll learn about the condition of existing materials before you build around or on top of them.

Can the Current Systems Handle the Renovation?

A home inspector will check the electrical system and load capacity, the plumbing pipes, and look for any structural issues that may cause a problem for your renovation. If you are adding another level to the home, a professional needs to assess whether the structure can handle it before you move forward. If there are more outlets or plumbing fixtures being added, the inspector will verify that the electrical and plumbing systems in place are adequate.

A Home Inspection Before Remodeling Will Help You Determine Priorities

Are you planning a remodeling project that is purely cosmetic and spending your entire budget? A home inspection will determine if there are any projects that are more necessary.

You may have issues that pose safety hazards and should be addressed immediately. These repairs should take priority over new countertops and backsplash. A home inspector will give you a thorough report on the condition of all visible and accessible aspects of your home so that you can decide if now is the right time for that kitchen remodel.

Many people only schedule an inspection before they purchase a home, but you can also order an inspection as the homeowner. Requesting an inspection before remodeling is a smart move that will help you make the best decisions for your house.

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