‏Most people know that it’s important to get a home inspection when buying an existing home. Since the home has been around for a while, it makes sense to assess the condition before buying the property for your family. However, the decision to get an inspection might not be so obvious when purchasing a newly built house. Why would you need an inspection when everything is brand-new? Here are a few reasons to order an inspection on new construction and things you should know about the process.

‏Why You Need an Inspection on New Construction

‏Ideally, new construction will be free from the types of issues usually found in older houses. For instance, you wouldn’t expect problems caused by outdated plumbing or electrical, and because everything is new, you don’t anticipate cosmetic flaws. However, this is not always the case. Even if the home is newly built, it can still have issues.‏

When a home is constructed, the builder hires subcontractors who often have to work quickly to keep up with deadlines. There might also be cases where a good contractor sub-contracts projects to other vendors whose competence might not be up to the builder’s standards. Apart from that, sometimes mistakes happen during construction. Defective materials might be used or a component might be improperly installed.

Don’t assume that because a home is new, it’s free from issues. Hire a professional who is experienced in new construction inspections to assess the structure for you. ‏

‏When to Get Your New Home Inspected

‏New construction inspections can be performed during the build or afterward, before move-in. Some experts recommend that you arrange three inspections, one before the foundation is poured, the second before the drywall is up, and the third when the build is complete. This will allow the inspector to take a closer look at every aspect of the new home.

Your home inspector will identify any problems or safety concerns so the responsibility of making repairs falls to the builder. On a newly-built home, the contractor will correct any mistakes made before closing. ‏

‏How to Choose an Inspector

‏Choosing a home inspector goes beyond a simple online search. Start by asking for referrals from your friends, family, and colleagues. Check online reviews and call the inspector to ask questions if necessary.

‏There are several advantages to getting a new construction inspection. A properly timed inspection allows the builder to fix any problems before you move into your new home. As the buyer, you’ll have peace of mind that your brand new house is in great shape.

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