Warmer weather means spending more time outdoors with friends and family. You might frequent a local park or head to the beach for a summertime getaway. Unfortunately, that also means you won’t be around to keep your home safe. Here are a few easy ways to protect your property this summer.

Use Timers to Make the House Look Occupied

Unoccupied homes are obvious targets for opportunistic criminals. Light timers are one of the most straightforward solutions to make it look like you’re home when you aren’t around. Set the timers to turn different lights on at various times. Use a timer to turn a television on and off as well. Smart home technology provides an easy way to control the lighting in your home from your smartphone.

Don’t Post About Trips Until You’re Home

Social media makes sharing about vacation tempting, but it’s best to hold off posting photos and travel details until you’ve returned home. To keep the property safe, don’t let others know you are out of town.

Lock the Doors and Windows to Keep Your Home Safe

In the summer, homeowners may leave the windows open at night to enjoy the cooler temperatures. Unfortunately, this also provides a way for burglars to get inside. To keep your home safe, close the windows and doors and lock them. Even when you take a nap during the day, it’s best to lock up. If you need to leave the door ajar because you don’t have air conditioning, use a steel screen door that locks.

Install Motion Sensor Lights

Motion-sensing lighting is a simple way to make your property more secure at night. This type of lighting can be installed near entrances and in the backyard. They turn on with any sign of movement to deter burglars. Adjust the calibration of the motion sensors, so the lights do not flicker on every time an animal walks by.

Ask Neighbors to Help Keep Your Home Safe on Vacation

A good neighbor can watch your property while you’re away on vacation. Before you leave, ask the neighbor to collect mail and newspapers and check on your home from time to time to make sure it is secure. Criminals know to watch for mail piling up to determine when homeowners are away.

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