When you’re getting ready to list your home on the market, it can be stressful. You want a quick sale and the best return on your investment. A pre-listing home inspection is a great idea if you want to make sure that the sale doesn’t fall through due to a poor buyer’s inspection. A pre-listing inspection allows you to get an understanding of potential issues with the home and a chance to fix them in advance. Read on to learn about the benefits of a pre-listing inspection.

You Have Control Over Repairs

When a buyer hires a home inspector, they may identify repairs that are needed before closing. In most of these cases, the homebuyer will choose the contractors to perform the repairs paid for by the seller. If you have a pre-listing inspection, you’ll have the freedom to get multiple estimates and choose the contractor yourself.

Know Your Home’s Value with a Pre-Listing Home Inspection

While a pre-listing inspection won’t give you an exact estimate of your home’s worth, it will give you an idea of what defects might be taking away from your property’s value. Inspectors will make note of issues that could lower the sale price so that you can make repairs before listing. Significant issues and the need for major repairs to pricey systems, like the roof or furnace, are red flags to potential buyers.

Order a Pre-Listing Inspection to Price Your Home Accurately

Your pre-listing inspection will also make things easier for your real estate agent, as they will have a good idea of the strengths and weaknesses of your property. Pricing things right the first time helps shorten the amount of time that your home sits on the market and makes negotiations more straightforward. The chances of something unexpected popping up during the buyer’s inspection are much lower.

Avoid Another Inspection

Particularly in a competitive market, buyers want to put a great offer in and get the deal done as quickly as possible. If you have had a pre-listing inspection already completed, it will increase a buyer’s confidence in your property and they may even skip the second inspection. This saves you time and possibly money on additional requests and repairs.

Build Buyer Trust with a Pre-Listing Inspection

Finally, having a pre-listing inspection completed is a show of good faith to buyers that helps build trust in you as a seller. It shows that you have nothing to hide and that you made an effort to verify that the property is in the best possible condition before passing it on to someone else.

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